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This information is most helpful when she puts it in context of how the limitations on the system affec the student while playing his or her instrument.
Yet, many issues affec business women disproportionately.
God bless you my dear Charlotte, believe me ever Your most affec. brother and friend, C.J.
The first few times I saw Written on the Wind, I was delighted but never emotionally affec ted.
Statistics on incarceration indicate that even the worst of these problems affec t a significant fraction of African-Americans.
In the case of the breaking thread and imbedded fiber methods, the fibers have to be annealed to avoid residual stresses that could affec t the breaking or retraction process, the thickness of the film that surrounds the drop should be carefully tailored to avoid problems such as matrix thinning.
We affec t through skateboarding what goes on in this generation.
At times, however, comments of other participants can affec t market expectations, at least in the short run: for example, if a comment is the Fed's first public reaction to a new economic report (particularly if the content of the report was unanticipated by markets) or if the comment comes at a time when markets are especially uncertain about near-term policy prospects.
Bureau of Labor Statistics, last October saw 1,816 mass layoff actions (those that affec t 50 or more persons from a single establishment) involving 212,695 workers.
Results showed that participants had lower alcohol consumption, lower incidence of work performance negatively affec ted by AOD use, and improved prevention skills.
As the purpose of the study was to develop a theoretical model rather than to characterize responses to MICS across an industry, the sample was not selected to ensure representation of the population of all adopting hospitals but, rather, to include sufficient variation to explore factors affec ting technology implementation.
In addition, I control for other variables that affec t crime.