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Considering a sufficient amount of water and 3% AFFF foam to control the fire at 41.
An Internationally accredited AFFF Fire Fighting Foam Concentrate, For use at a 3% induction.
3K COMMAND Environment 0156 - 9FFF 634K |Available~ FREE SPACE Conventional memory ends at 640K A000 - AFFF 64K VGA Graphics B000 - B7FF 32K High RAM B000 - B00D 0.
The four-port master MOPV will be used to initiate aqueous film forming foam (AFFF) concentrate flow, and fire main flow for mixing and disbursement to AFFF systems aboard the Navy fleet.
Proportioning Accuracy test of (2) AFFF systems, (9) Risers for compliance with NFPA 11, 11C, 16, 25 & UFC 3-610-02
The first test used water in the system and the next two used 3% AFFF solution.
If counting methods are not available or practical for a particular material, classifying methods such as AUC or CLS and AFFF are anticipated to be suitable for a first approximation of nanomaterial content on a number basis.
Many of the twin agent systems we manufacture for customers now are equipped with CAFS rather than traditional AFFF foam, "Keith said.
Each of these MRC cards has an example of the AFFF record tag and how to properly fill out each block.
Farley: As the name implies, AFFF enables the formation of an extremely thin layer of water, a few tenths of a millimeter, to form between the liquid fuel and the foam blanket.
Aqueous film forming foams (AFFFs) have a unique property whereby the AFFF drains quickly to become an aqueous film, which flows rapidly across the surface of hydrocarbon fuels ahead of the foam blanket to achieve rapid fire knockdown.