AFFFAqueous Film Forming Foam
AFFFAmsterdam Fantastic Film Festival
AFFFAgent Formant un Film Flottant (French: Film Forming Foam Agent)
AFFFAqueous Fire Fighting Foam
AFFFAsian Festival of First Films (est. 2005)
AFFFAsymmetric Flow Field-Flow Fractionation (chromatography technique)
AFFFAKR's Free Form Framework
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The suit was filed Tuesday inNew Jersey Superior Court and alleges that the companies manufactured, marketed and sold their AFFF for decades despite knowing the threat it posted to environmental and human health.
This feat is achieved due to the key ingredient of AFFF, which is a fluorinated surfactant.
The OinC told me to check and make sure the AFFF system was off.
Each of these MRC cards has an example of the AFFF record tag and how to properly fill out each block.
A white "AFFF" is painted in the center of the stripe.
The actuated AFFF system below resembled a collapsing water dam, as it rapidly covered everything in sight with a sea of white foam (see accompanying photos).
The last thing I heard walking out of the hangar was a loud pop as the AFFF stations went off.
AFFF/PKP Extinguishers: 75% of units surveyed were missing required rubber bumpers for AFFF and PKP extinguisher brackets.
A second after that thought crossed my mind, I noticed large amounts of water and foam flowing from the AFFF cannon dispensers in HSL-41's hangar, but, for some reason, it wasn't flowing from ours or HSL-45's, yet.