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BEEN THERE DUNNE THAT: Colin Dunne has advice for Alex Moon (inset) after defeating Moon's French World title opponent Affif Djelti (pictured)
TRIUMPH: Celebration after winning the British middleweight title belt CHAMPION 0 Darren defeating Affif Belghecham to claim the European middleweight title back in April
Barker beat Frenchman Affif Belghecham to laim the vacant belt and must now defend against Macklin.
In order for the title fight to go ahead Macklin quit the crown and left Barker to fight Frenchman Affif Belghecham for the vacant title.
The meeting, which will be devoted to the examination of bilateral energy cooperation, will be co-chaired by Energy and Mines Minister Chakib Khelil and Tunisian Minister of Industry, Energy and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) Affif Chelbi.
The warrior fails and must relinquish his claim on Evolet, who is then captured by an evil warlord (Affif Ben Badra) so D'Leh joins Tic'Tic (Cliff Curtis), Ka'Ren (Mo Zinal) and orphan Baku (Nathanael Baring) on a tricky trek.
10,000 BC (Cert 12, 104 mins, Warner Home Video, action/romance, also available to buy on DVD pounds 15.99/two-disc DVD pounds 22.99/Blu-ray pounds 26.99) Starring: Steven Strait, Camilla Belle, Cliff Curtis, Joel Virgil, Mona Hammond, Affif Ben Badra, Mo Zinal, Nathanael Baring, Marco Khan, Junior Oliphant.
Evil warlord (Affif Ben Badra) later enslaves many of the Yagahl tribe, including Evolet, but D'Leh is determined to rescue his beloved and he sets off on a perilous expedition.
When Evolet is kidnapped by an evil warlord (Affif Ben Badra), D'Leh joins forces with his mentor Tic'Tic (Cliff Curtis) on a perilous quest into the great unknown to rescue his beloved.
The Warlord (Affif Ben Badra) and his men ride horses, have metal weapons, and seem significantly advanced over the primitive tribesmen.
Interview with Saleh Affif, Jakarta, 18 March 2004.