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AFFIRMAtrial Fibrillation Follow-Up Investigation of Rhythm Management (heart rhythm study)
AFFIRMAssociation For Federal Information Resources Management
AFFIRMAlliance for Fair Federal Immigration Reform of Minnesota (est. 2001)
AFFIRMAlliance for Fairness in Reforms to Medicaid (Washington, DC)
AFFIRMAlberta Farm Fertilizer Information and Recommendation Manager (software; Alberta, Canada)
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Nearly 90 percent of consumers say they feel more positively about a brand that offers honest financing, according to research this year by Qualtrics of more than 1,000 22 to 44 year-olds in the US And retailers providing Affirm's credit card alternative report an average increase of 75% in basket size, site-wide conversion rates increases by as much as 20 percent, and revenue per visitor increases of more than 10 percent.
Affirm is paid directly by the customer and settles the full amount with UATP's airline members.
We affirm proclamation of the whole Gospel, including its practical expressions of God's love through medicine, education, community development, and all other endeavors that are biblically sound and contextually appropriate.
He maintains that the poor and the powerless of history cannot affirm their creation (of themselves or of the world around them) when they are searching for food in city dumps.
We need to consult with those who have that experience, affirm what they have accomplished, and continue their work.
Synod's other decision on the contentions issue of the blessings--to defer voting on whether to affirm dioceses' authority to bless relationships between members of the same gender was not unexpected.
And non-Christians would be outraged if their children were asked to say "under Jesus." So, those who reject theistic religions rightly object to having their children affirm that this is "one nation under God."
Over the centuries, the church has repeatedly affirmed the state's right and duty to protect the common good by punishing and executing felons.
In contrast to traditional revolving credit products, where hefty fees come hidden in the fine print, and compounding interest can quickly cause a consumer's finances to spiral out of control, Affirm lets shoppers pay for purchases over time with simple-interest loans that are free of any penalty fees -- annual, late, deferred or otherwise.
The inclination to "affirm order" runs very deep in the Ontario psyche, and it is similarly a quality immigrant Canadians easily acquire.
As I read it, General Synod wanted to affirm the moral integrity and full membership of gay people in the church and at the same time, not force a decision on some parts of the church about how such an affirmation might be expressed liturgically (blessing or marriage).
First, he affirms the traditional view of eternity and the absoluteness of the divine perfections.