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AFFOAdjusted Funds From Operation
AFFOAdrien Fly Fishing Outfitters (Cincinnati, OH)
AFFOAvailable Funds from Operations
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We allege that these senior executives conjured up numbers to purposely conceal ARCPs true performance, misleadingly suggesting that the company had met AFFO estimates for the first and second quarters of the year, said Sanjay Wadhwa, Senior Associate Director of the SECs New York Regional Office.
AFFO was a key non-GAAP financial metric by which analysts and investors assessed the companys performance, and AFFO per share was the primary measure for which the company provided earnings guidance.
AFFO was used by the two former executives to present ARCP's income before consideration of non-cash depreciation and amortization expense and to the exclusion of certain one-time charges and expenses.
The reduction in AMAC's expected 2006 AFFO per share is primarily due to write downs of $12.
This non-cash impairment charge will be excluded from the Company's fourth quarter adjusted funds from operations (AFFO) and thus has no effect on the AFFO guidance of $0.