AFFORAir Force Forces
AFFORAir Force Forces Command
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The JFC normally delegates OPCON (the authority to organize commands and forces and employ those forces to accomplish the assigned mission--in colloquial terms, the authority to put forces in harm's way) over all assigned or attached AFFOR within that joint force to the COMAFFOR.
The Air Force logistics community has approximately 383 field grade officer (FGO) positions assigned to the various geographic COCOM, functional COCOM, and AFFOR staffs.
AFFOR, ARFOR, NAVFOR, MARFOR) as the senior service-specific military justice headquarters for the theater.
As we explore alternative options to the current AOC and AFFOR constructs in the future, we must be cautious not to oversimplify the problem with proposed solutions that do not acknowledge the full depth of our current C2 processes.
Therefore, we leverage the CAOC, AFFOR, and AFCENT staffs that provide the heavy lifting while our 9 AETF-A staff maintains close relationships with individuals in the adjacent staffs in Kabul.
The AETF can leverage distributed operations through reachback to the theater AOC and AFFOR staff.
It would retain topics such as commanding and organizing AFFOR, given their overall consistency across the continuum of military operations, but omit any mention of the AFFOR staff as well as the air and space operations center since the supporting two-series publications could address staff functions.
Best practices, such as the creation of an AFFOR A4 rear-echelon function to execute CS reach-back responsibilities, were proven effective in Operation Desert Storm, Operation Noble Anvil, and Operation Enduring Freedom, but have not been codified in doctrine.
During a recent major exercise a player stated, "Logistics controllers for the Joint Movement Center and AFFOR J-4 along with log players from the C/JFACC J-4 and Air Mobility Division used it throughout the exercise.
Additionally, the service should incorporate SC planner training into educational venues for AFFOR staff officers.
Not only did I see the analyst's role in the AFFOR staff, I was also able to observe the assessments team in the AOC.
Again, sustainment and other AFFOR duties have been traditionally carried out through centralized control at the theater level.