AFFORAir Force Forces
AFFORAir Force Forces Command
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Conversely, doctrine had recommended avoiding dual- or triple-hatting the AFFOR staff to the maximum extent possible because of manning and the distribution of workload.
Once 17th Air Force was inactivated and 3 AF realigned, functions and responsibilities were absorbed into the HQ USAFE staff, creating the management headquarters that activated AFFOR teams within each Directorate.
AFFOR, ARFOR, NAVFOR, MARFOR) as the senior service-specific military justice headquarters for the theater, with the vision that those headquarters would have highest level Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) authority over the Servicemembers of their individual services.
He stated, that after the COCOM or AFFOR identify the center of gravity, "the feeding into it of men and material is a question of bases, lines of communication, transport, and organization--in a word, logistics.
If one also considers Air Force and AFFOR engagements as part of Airmen undergoing OT&E for SC, the total SC OT&E costs to the service would rise to only $47 million a year.
Good Air Force commanders have traditionally recognized the importance of organizational-level operational C2--hence, the AOC and AFFOR construct.
According to joint doctrine, for every level of joint force that has AFFOR assigned or attached to it, there exists an Air Force service component command.
Therefore, we leverage the CAOC, AFFOR, and AFCENT staffs that provide the heavy lifting while our 9 AETF-A staff maintains close relationships with individuals in the adjacent staffs in Kabul.
Third, is the subtheater air command and control requirement an AOC and AFFOR staff element or a tailored one?
The DIRMOBFOR needs to be a commander because if you (sic) get into a MTW like Desert Storm, the AFFOR will want a commander who has command responsibility for care, feeding, safety, etc.
4) Divided into eight chapters, it covers topics such as conducting operations, commanding Air Force forces (AFFOR), organizing air and space expeditionary task forces, nesting the air and space component within a joint force, and planning for joint operations; it concludes by discussing air and space operations centers and the AFFOR staff.
The split between AOC and AFFOR staffs as the two primary components of a JFACC's war-fighting capability is described in the "Air Force Forces Command and Control Enabling Concept," change 1, 7 March 2005.