AFFSCAir Force Financial Services Center (Ellsworth Air Force Base, SD)
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Vonglis pointed out the AFFSC will result in"$210 million in real dollar savings and ...
These transactions are referred to as backshop because they generally are not seen by customers; thus, the transfer from various bases to the AFFSC will be transparent.
Phase II of the AFFSC, whose targeted opening tentatively is set for October 2008, seeks to establish a 24/7, full-service contact center.
While the AFFSC will result in centralizing a great many financial services, it is important to note that its establishment will not completely phase out the base-level financial service offices.
Organizationally, the AFFSC will be a field-operating agency directly under the leadership of Mr.
The AFFSC also will reduce paper transactions by using the latest technology available in the new Financial Services Document Management Service.
In addition to the reengineering efforts to stand up the AFFSC, the Financial Services Office Reengineering Team (FSORT) was established to evaluate base-level workloads and personnel required to maintain financial services at the base, post-transformation.
Ellsworth AFB was selected as the site for the AFFSC from more than 80 candidate locations.
The buildings that will house the AFFSC are only five years old and currently are being renovated to accommodate the new center.
In the short term, the AFFSC will be staffed primarily with military personnel; the initial 55 personnel already have been approved by the Air Force Personnel Center.
During the first couple of years of operation, the AFFSC staffing will consist of 80 percent military and 20 percent civilian, with the percentage shifting toward civilian by 2011.
As NCOIC, FM Workflow Customer Service team, be flawlessly guided 46 bases from 12 MAJCOMs through the cutover process while training 660 base-level users and controlling access for 540 AFFSC members.