AFFTCAir Force Flight Test Center
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AFEWES then operated under the oversight of various USAF research and development centers until finally coming under the management of the AFFTC in 1995.
Sarah Beussink, AFFTC Information Technology Directorate.
The C-17 Air Mobility Command aircraft was supplied to AFFTC for the test by the 62nd Airlift Wing of McChord Air Force Base, Wash.
In a report last year on appropriations for military construction, family housing, and base realignment and closure (BRAC) for FY01, the US House of Representatives stated that it was aware of an effort to relocate the AFEWES to the AFFTC.
Word of the effort to move the AFEWES to the AFFTC has been circulating for at least the last couple of years, but such talk, sources say, has been increasingly frequent over the past few months.
The aircraft used is on loan from Air Mobility Command to AFFTC.