AFGPAssistance to Firefighters Grant Program (US DHS)
AFGPAntifreeze Glycoproteins
AFGPAssociazione Formazione Giovanni Piamarta (Italian: Giovanni Piamarta Education Association; est. 1992)
AFGPAmerican Fiber Green Products, Inc. (Tampa, FL)
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Geraldine Deliencourt reported, from the laboratory at Rouen, that she has just received results from a cytotoxic (safety) study on the very sensitive vero (kidney) cells with the dimeric AFGP. The results showed the dimeric AFGP to be non-toxic in the same manner the monomeric AFGP tested.
These findings allow ProtoKinetix (OTCBB:PKTX) to immediately commence testing this new compound (dimeric AFGP) on cell lines and tissues in France and Canada.
The AFGP is a five-years (2017-2022) initiative of the USAID managed by the Trust for Democratic Education and Accountability (TDEA) with an aim to improve the economic and social conditions of the people of Pakistan.
US Charge d'affaires John Hoover, in his remarks, said AFGP was one of the largest programs being run in more than 100 countries.
H Y D E R A B A D -- Hamdam Foundation, with the support of USAID's Ambassador's Fund Grant Program (AFGP), has launched a six month project titled 'Social and Economic Empowerment of socially excluded and economically deprived indigenous Ghera community through enhanced trade skills' in Hyderabad city today.
Despite their diversity, AFPs can be classified into two major groups: (i) antifreeze glycoproteins (AFGPs) and (ii) nonglycoproteins (types I to IV AFPs) [9].
1994) of antifreeze glycopeptides (AFGPs) after the divergence of the Bovichtidae.
In our analyses, a significant temporal clustering of nodes was registered for the notothenioids that have acquired antifreeze proteins (AFGPs) and for the Trematominae within this group, but not for the Notothenioidei as a whole.