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AFGSAfghan Fleet and Group Services (Afghanistan)
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Loan-by-loan data provided by AFGS as at 23 May 2018
Sydney: Fitch Ratings has assigned final ratings to AFG 2018-1 Trust - Series 2018-1's mortgage-backed floating-rate notes.
The AFGS was established to oversee the merger of the national and revolutionary armed forces, as well as to supervise military, training, and organizational planning, to support the military industrial complex, to write defense budgets, to provide the commander-in-chief with timely intelligence, and to coordinate the affairs of the IRGC and the national army (aka Artesh).
Notably, Rezai's recent return to military duty could be seen as a presumed bid for the AFGS chairmanship--hence his absence from Bagheri's inauguration ceremony after being passed over yet again.
The deputy commander of the AFGS, Brigadier General Gholam Ali Rashid, is a noted military thinker and operator, in contrast to his boss Firouzabadi.
Several of these officers, including AFGS Intelligence Director Major General Mohammad Bagheri, Operations Director Brigadier General Ali Shamdani, Strategic Planning Director Major General Mostafa Izadi, and Senior Adviser Brigadier General Morteza Ghorbani, are part of what has been described as the IRGC Command Network.
The notes are issued by Perpetual Corporate Trust Limited in its capacity as trustee of AFG 2018-1 Trust - Series 2018-1.
Thirty-minute interviews were conducted with 39 participants (28 girls and 11 boys) at the 1997 AFG. At the 2001 JA, 36 group interviews were conducted with 175 participants (104 girls and 71 boys).
The analysis of the production of francophone identity at the AFG revealed that the concept of francophoneness was contested and unstable, as a result of competition between two conflicting francophone discourses (Dallaire and Denis, 2000).
The notes will be issued by Perpetual Corporate Trust Limited in its capacity as trustee of AFG 2018-1 Trust - Series 2018-1.
Key rating drivers and expected rating sensitivities are further discussed in the corresponding presale report entitled "AFG 2018-1 Trust - Series 2018-1", published today.