AFGSCAir Force Global Strike Command (US DoD)
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Regarding integration, bombers did not undergo a dramatic change per se, although intelligence AFIs started to specifically reference nuclear operations (the AFGSC supplements account for this far more than the ACC supplements that directed guidance for the bombers).
AFGSC is also the Air Force's lead command for and largest operator of UH-1N Huey helicopters, with a focus on replacing the platform with one more suitable to the post-9/11 requirements of providing security to the fielded ICBM force.
Track broadening for 21MxIs from AFGSC to USAFE should be limited to 21MxN billets in units without any 21A positions to prevent 21Mxls from being pulled to the flight line rather than staying in the 21MxN billets and thus, gaining additional nuclear experience.
We were fortunate to support AFGSC mission operations at the beginning of the program in 2009, and this win extends our continuous presence at Barksdale AFB.
With all of AFGSC covered, only three more Air Force bases remain without a notification system, he added.
This approach restores the necessary focus on the nuclear mission, provides a clear chain of command for all Air Force nuclear forces, and allows for one-to-one alignment between operations in AFGSC and sustainment with the AFNWC.
Minot AFB, AFGSC, DSN 453-1110, commercial 701-723-1110.
AFGSC Walters, Cindy, GS-12; 509 CPTS/FMA--Whiteman AFB
This includes assisting in identifying a final location for the headquarters, and identifying manpower and resource requirements that will transfer to the newly established AFGSC The provisional command will also a work closely with the Headquarters Air Force Strategic Deterrence and Nuclear Integration Office (A10), Air Combat Command Air Force Space Command.
Some commands are specific to a theater of the world (PACAF and USAFE); some to a specific piece of the Air Force mission (ACC, AFGSC, AFSOC, AFSPC, and AMC); some cross the full-spectrum of the total Air Force mission in a support role (AETC and AFMC); and some with the full spectrum operational role (AFRC and ANG).
General Kowalski assumed command and is responsible for implementing the organization's directives, which outline necessary actions to stand up the AFGSC.
Provide a unique understanding of the AFGSC ICBM organize, train, and equip functions in the areas of operations, logistics, maintenance, helicopter operations, security, Nuclear Weapons Accident Incident Exercise (NUXAIX), and system performance assessment