AFHFAir Force Historical Foundation
AFHFAdvocates for Homeless Families (Frederick, MD)
AFHFAmerican Furniture Hall of Fame Foundation, Inc.
AFHFArizona Family Housing Fund (affordable housing assistance; Scottsdale, AZ)
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In the spirit of overcoming obstacles, we are experiencing a slight setback as the small but mighty AFHF staff had to vacate regular office space at Andrews AFB while Civil Engineering replaces some ancient heating and air conditioning equipment.
Having served on the Board for the last three years, I am very familiar with our operation and status; and while still in uniform, I was fortunate to be mentored by previous AFHF presidents General Bryce Poe and Lt Gen Mike Nelson.
Our message is that AFHF will remain a strong, independent voice within our air power community, filling a special role of promoting the legacy of airmen, and educating future generations to aspire to follow in the monumental footsteps of those who "soared before.
These MP articles were a much needed correction to the current MP narrative, and I am extremely pleased the AFHF thru APH saw fit to publish these critical works.
From AFHF perspective, we see three opportunities from this union going forward: