AFIDAnti-Felon Identification
AFIDAffiliate ID
AFIDAgency for International Development
AFIDAlles fuer Ihren Drucker (German: Everything for Your Printer)
AFIDAssociação Nacional de Famílias para a Integração da Pessoa Deficiente (Portugese)
AFIDAlkali Flame Ionization Detector
AFIDAmerican Institute of Floral Designers
AFIDAnti-Fratricide Identification Device
AFIDAssociation of Freelance Internet Designers
AFIDAmt für Informations- und Datenverarbeitung
AFIDArmed Forces Institute of Dentistry (Rawalpindi, Pakistan)
AFIDAssociation of Franchise and Independent Distributors
AFIDA Friend In Deed (electronic alarm and emergency response system)
AFIDAgentur Für Immobilien Dienste (German)
AFIDAutonomous Fabric Identifier (Cisco)
AFIDAnatolian Federated Islamic State
AFIDArmed Forces Identification Card
AFIDAnarkistføderationen I Danmark (Dansh: Anarchist Federation of Denmark)
AFIDAssociació de Funcionaris Interins Docent
AFIDApparatus Field Inspection Duty (FDNY)
AFIDAdvanced Frontiers in Drug Design, Discovery, Development and Delivery
AFIDArizona Foreign Investment Directory
AFIDAustralian Film Institute Distribution
AFIDAlicia Friedmann Interior Design
AFIDAnti-Fratricide Devices
AFIDAssociation Femmes Initiatives Developpement (French)
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Conclusion: Substantial proportions of patient's referral to combined periodontal and operative department at AFID shows trend towards conservative dentistry in Pakistan Army.
This study was carried out at AFID Rawalpindi from 15 Mar to 31 Mar 2009.
8%) patients were referred to operative department of AFID which is similar to the globally investigated caries prevalence rate.
A total of 43 military dental officers are present in AFID.
It was concluded that patients visiting AFID have medium level of awareness about prosthodontic treatment options.
6 This study intends to explore the awareness level of local population and more specifically of patients visiting AFID about prosthodontic rehabilitation options.
The study was carried out at the prosthodontic department of AFID in Rawalpindi and spanned over a period of almost six months.
All patients with missing teeth presenting to OPD of Prosthodontic department at AFID were referred to concerned researchers within the Prosthodontic department.
A total of 137 patients were included in the study to determine the level of awareness about prosthodontic treatment among patients visiting AFID, Rawalpindi.
Train routes which remained outside and inactive or railway stations which are not being used as train stations will be sold by the AFID.
Governor McAuliffe approved a $50,000 grant from the AFID Fund to assist Grayson County with the project.