AFIFFAssociazione Familiari Insonnia Familiare Fatale (Italian: Fatal Familial Insomnia Families Association)
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They tend therefore to deploy a rather essentialist stance (Grossmann, Padmanabhan, and Afiff 2017).
Grossmann, Kristina, Martina Padmanabhan, and Suraya Afiff, eds.
(2006) and Afiff (2004) on oil palm, Hartveld (1995) on sugar in East Java, and Boomgaard (1999) on the history of maize and tobacco in upland Indonesia.
A tool with significant potential to clarify boundaries, is the national government's One Map policy, established under Yudhoyono's administration and continued under Widodo's (Afiff 2016).
In our second example, Suraya Afiff's study of the creation of a masyarakat adat community in Sosa, South Tapanuli, indigeneity was used as a way to organize collective action against corporate oil-palm plantations.
*Suraya Afiff, Karsa Institute; Celia Lowe, University of Washington.
This time, it is the Government itself that has brought up this issue through Coordinating Minister for Economic and Financial Affairs/Development Supervision Saleh Afiff. This issue is now more attractive than it was two years ago because this time, some links it to the Salim Group's recent decision to sell its majority shares in Indofood to the Singapore-based QAF Ltd., which is also owned by the same business group.
At the opening of the recent CGI meeting, the Leader of the Indonesian delegation, namely Coordinating Minister for Economic and Financial Affairs Saleh Afiff, did not hesitate to express his optimism that the CGI's loan commitment for Indonesia for 1997/1998 would not decline, saying that if Japan and the United States reduced their loan commitments, the Worm Bank and the Asian Development Bank would do something to compensate for the reductions.