AFIGAlternative Fuels Incentive Grant (Pennsylvania)
AFIGAustralian Financial Investments Group (Sydney, Australia)
AFIGAdvanced Function Image and Graphics (printer feature; IBM)
AFIGAllen Financial Insurance Group (est. 1971; Portland, OR)
AFIGAssociació pel Foment de la Igualtat de Gènere (Catalan: Association for the Promotion of Gender Equality; Barcelona, Spain)
AFIGAddress Facility Inventory Group
AFIGAdvanced Finance and Investment Group LLC (Africa)
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As at date, AFIG Fund-I is fully committed and has begun exiting from initial investments.
This year, AFIG grants focused on the conversion or purchase of natural gas vehicles weighing less than 26,000 pounds, as well as the conversion or purchase of electric, propane or other alternative fuel vehicles of any size.
AFIG provides freshmen with information on accounting career paths as well as academic counseling while assisting them in the crucial transition from high school to college.
For the first time, AFIG is also offering incentives to Pennsylvania producers of biodiesel and ethanol: 5 cents a gallon to Pennsylvania producers of biodiesel or ethanol, up to 12.
The equipment that International Battery can now acquire with the AFIG grant will expedite the design and validation of these very large battery systems, thereby reducing the time needed to get an HEV bus on the road.
Rendell also noted that the City of York Public Works received $17,035 in AFIG funds to power its fleet of 40 vehicles with B20.
The AFIG fund was established under Act 166, and is administered by DEP through its Office of Pollution Prevention and Energy Assistance.
According to McGinty, the AFIG program funds projects that use alternative fuels to help reduce air pollution and dependence on foreign oil, with previous recipients having used the grants to purchase hybrid electric vehicles and construct refueling or recharging facilities.
Special Session House Bill 22 provides funding to producers from the AFIG program of 75 cents per gallon for all biodiesel produced in Pennsylvania by Pennsylvanians and sold in Pennsylvania.
Those eligible to apply for the 2013 AFIG round, which ran May 25 through July 26, included non-profit agencies, for profit companies, commonwealth or municipal authorities, and local transportation organizations.
The 33 AFIG grants announced today - along with the next round of Act 13 grants - allow us to make the most of our abundant natural gas resources, edging us closer to energy independence while helping to improve our air quality," Abruzzo said.
Commenting at a press conference held at the Sydney offices of AFIG, Tom Gentile, the President and CEO of GE Money Australia & New Zealand, highlighted the excellent strategic fit between the two companies.