AFIIAssociation for Font Information Interchange
AFIIAgence Francaise des Investissements Internationaux (French: French Agency for International Investment)
AFIIArtists for Israel International
AFIIAgri-Food Informatics Institute
AFIIArbeiten Fuer India Inc. (investment bank; India)
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While the PPPs are structured and implemented through a long process winding its way through Red Tape , with little or no say of the Community that will ultimately use the facilities; the CPPs would bring Infrastructure Development decision making to the Community level with BOT solutions, Capital and Technical Capability Support to be provided by AFII together with its Patrons which include some of Europe's largest Infra Engineering Companies, BOT Contractors and also some of the large and mid-cap Indian Construction Companies.
Professionals from AFII would take up each issue, discuss the various inputs, and formulate solutions to those problems under the CPP initiative.
The Fund will build on the milestones of AFI and AFII, investing in the sectors of manufacturing, agribusiness, financial services, energy, healthcare, education and consumer goods in SSA.
Cerenis Therapeutics SA (Cerenis), a pharmaceutical company focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of breakthrough HDL-related therapies for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases received yesterday in Chicago the "French Life Sciences Award", from AFII, the "Agence Francaise des Investissements Internationaux" at the occasion of the BIO 2006 conference.