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AFIKAs Far As I Know (usually seen as AFAIK)
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30) Issac Afik (Abecasssis), "Tfisath ha'chalom etsel chazal ve'hashlachoteia" ["HAZAL's Perception of the Dream and its Consequence"], M.
Afik Agamaliev is the antihero, who, in the tradition of the nineteenth-century ineffectual Russian intellectual, allows himself to be buffeted by fate, which is personified by the poetic image of Old Man Khazr.
What do you make of a civil servant who says a doctor ( Afik Gani from Cochrane Park, Newcastle ( can stay in Britain but his wife and children, aged three and 10 months, must return to his native South Africa.
The story of Afik Tanovic and Milan Vilenjak parallels and intertwines with that of Alija.