AFIRMAutomated Fingerprint Image Reporting and Match
AFIRMArmed Forces Institute of Regenerative Medicine (US DoD)
AFIRMArmed Forces Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine (Rawalpindi, Pakistan)
AFIRMAir Force Installation Restoration Management
AFIRMAutomated Fingerprint Image Reporting and Matching System
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During his stay at AFIRM, he learnt computers and now he is serving in his unit and works in the medical branch on a computer along with his other paramedic duties.
COAS appreciated the standard of facilities and care extended to the inmates by a team of dedicated doctors and paramedical staff of AFIRM and praised their efforts in helping all military personnel wounded in various operations.
He now works as part of the AFIRM team as the chief operating officer for the New Jersey Center for Biomaterials at Rutgers University.
The goal of the AFIRM is to accelerate regenerative medicine therapies and technologies to help heal the wounded warriors where the current available technologies are not adequate," explained Terry Irgens, AFIRM project director.
Army is investing over $250 million in stem cell research to treat injured soldiers in a project called AFIRM (Armed Forces Institute for Regenerative Medicine).
AFIRM has a special interest in using the most advanced regenerative medicine for its wounded soldiers and recognises Avita's innovative treatment for burns and other skin injuries has the benefits of using the patient's own skin to yield improved and accelerated healing rates, reduced scar formation and reintroduction of pigmentation into the skin.
AFIRM has a specified response time of under five minutes to deliver its authorization or denial decision.
H&M is also a part of AFIRM, an international working team of leading companies within the textile and footwear industries, educating the suppliers to achieve good chemical management.
The army chief, during his visit to Chirikot sector on November 10, 2017, had directed for her immediate shifting to AFIRM Rawalpindi for artificial limb implant.
Course, Askari-11, AFIRM, Muslim Abad, Iqbal Road, Gul;Abad feeders, 09: 00am to 16: 00pm Malhowali, City, Toot Oil, Khapra, Zubair Shaheed, Civil Line, Alliance Textile Mill, Garmala, Gul Afshan, Jada, Machine Mohallah, Fayyaz Shaheed feeders, 09: 30am to 15: 30pm Samote, Islam Pura feeders and surrounding areas.
Patients were selected from AFIRM through non probability consecutive sampling.
AFIRM of wealth managers is planning to move into a listed building in a disadvantaged part of Newcastle as part of multimillion-pound plans that aim to regenerate the area.