AFIRSAutomated Flight Information Reporting System
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AFIRS provides timely and direct information about aircraft location and systems with the ability for operators to communicate with the crew at all times.
According to the company, AFIRS is the only product that has an embedded logic application (ELA) onboard that can identify with pinpoint accuracy when a specific event has taken place.
We believe that the need for AFIRS in the military and government aircraft industry is significant and the multi-feature offering of the AFIRS unit is critical in today's budget-constrained environment.
According to Flyht, this is the second air force in the region to adopt AFIRS as part of their avionics modernization programs.
This thinking suggests that a potential buyer of the parent company would not be interested in AFIRS.
The AFIRS 220 is a valuable solution for many airlines," said Bill Tempany, Chairman and CEO of AMA.
The contract requires FLYHT to install the AFIRS 228B on four Boeing 757 aircraft.
The 228B is the first release in the series of 228 products, which are a new generation of AMA's AFIRS product line that has been delivered to over 35 customers around the world for installation on over 300 aircraft across seven continents.
The company is installing the AFIRS 228 on two Boeing 777-200 aircraft.
AFIRS then automatically transmits a message and supporting data to ground personnel and enables voice and text communication between the cockpit and the ground.
FLYHT ) reported today that it has signed a contract with an Asian charter airline for the Automated Flight Information Reporting System ( AFIRS ) 220.