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AFISAutomated Fingerprint Identification System
AFISAerodrome Flight Information Service
AFISArmed Forces Radio and Television Service
AFISAutomated Fingerprinting Identification System (Pakistan)
AFISAgribusiness and Farm Insurance Specialist (professional designation)
AFISAir Force Intelligence Service
AFISAmministrazione Fiduciaria Italiana della Somalia (Italian Trusteeship of Somalia)
AFISAirborne Flight Information System
AFISAirborne Flight Information Service
AFISAnti-Fraud Information Service
AFISAmerican Forces Information Service/System
AFISAir Force Intelligence System
AFISAssociation Française pour l'Information Scientifique (French: French Association for Scientific Information; est. 1968)
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The mobile AFIS system is designed to be transported via C-130J aircraft and road vehicles.
The device performs incredible an scanning rate of over 15 frames per second (in rolled fingerprint capture) which enables faster processing speed hence makes the device ideal for mass fingerprinting application such as nationwide AFIS operation.
During the event, Al 'Omlah gave a speech commending GAM's efforts to provide AFIS with care and support, stemming from its deep-rooted belief in the importance of cooperative Arab work.
AFIS was set up in April 2007 and started its collaboration with Green Dot in November 2007.
James Lee, the CEO of Suprema, said "Unlike civil AFIS, national police's AFIS requires high-performance matching technology for its larger database.
AFIS use the fingerprint pattern of lines, ridges, and valleys as the basis for identification.
The Mobile Gateway has allowed the Arizona Department of Public Safety to offer access to our state-wide AFIS as well as the FBI RISC database to the over 200 law enforcement agencies in Arizona, stated AZ DPS representative TBD.
However, the AFIS market must still contend with funding limitations deterring prospective customers from purchasing high priced AFIS and live scan systems.
Investigators cracked the cold case in 2006 through positive AFIS identification of one partial fingerprint taken from the corpse in 1989.
The IDS AFIS technology supports key security functionality within the TWIC program and has been recognized for its combination of top-rated accuracy and value-for-money by governments around the world.
ImageWare Expands Identity Management Offerings and Brings AFIS to Local Governments -
With a steady stream of opportunities emerging over the next four years, INPUT expects the state & local justice and public safety AFIS market to grow to $100 million while the AFIS market for all other state & local verticals is anticipated to hit $60 million.