AFISRAAir Force Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Agency (US DoD)
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General Deptula's vision for the AFISRA is proceeding along those lines.
Such a system would also minimize (by almost a factor of two) the overhead money required to set up MAJCOMs that organize, train, and equip; instead of ACC, AFSPC, AFCYBER, and the AFISRA, we would now fund only a combat command and a combat support command.
Apparently reacting to the same perceived proclivity among officers within the space community to favor platform over effect, the Air Force recently announced the formation of the very effects-based AFISRA.
Currently, stand-up of the AFISRA essentially involves only renaming the former Air Intelligence Agency, previously located under ACC.
A telling phrase appears on a slide from the AFISRA stand-up briefing that discusses longer-term actions which the nascent command saw as future requirements: "Explore consolidation of related AF space activities into AF intel.