AFITAir Force Institute of Technology
AFITAccelerated Flight & Instrument Training (Newport Beach, CA)
AFITAsian Forum for Information Technology
AFITAsia Foundation in Taiwan (est. 1997)
AFITArmed Forces Institute of Transfusion (Rawalpindi, Pakistan)
AFITAfter Federal Income Tax
AFITArizona Forum for the Improvement of Taxation
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For more information about the NWEPP Program, please visit the AFIT Web site at <http://www.
OCOS coordinated directly with the cadre at AFIT for possible reservations.
In addition to AFIT, you can pursue a degree during off-duty hours through a civilian university.
SSgt Dodrill has provided exceptional performance in the support of 14 resource advisors with the planning, budget, and execution of the AFIT $84-million Education Program.
Using modern technological tools to export education such as fiber optics, satellite video communications, computer based instruction, computer nets, fax machines and the like, AFIT is developing its own DL satellite-based network, "Air Technology Network" (ATN), a one-way video, two-way audio system which is now reaching all MAJCOM headquarters, and AFMC logistics and product centers.
Lt Col Ryan holds a PhD in Systems Engineering from AFIT, and degrees in Electrical Engineering and National Security Studies from the University of Washington and New Mexico State University, respectively.
Lieutenant Colonel Mattioda develops curriculum and teaches graduate-level courses while representing AFIT in educational reviews by Air Education and Training Command, Air University, Air Force Materiel Command, and others, ensuring that graduate programs meet the Department of Defense's (DOD) needs.
Selection for and updates to advanced academic degree programs through AFIT, as well as course maintenance and re-writes for Basic Financial Management Officer Course (BFMOC) and Financial Management Staff Officer Course (FMSOC), are imperative to keep courses relevant.
In the 5 years since, FIST has made frequent appearances in this magazine (including two more comics), was introduced to dozens of classes at Defense Acquisition University and the Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT), was researched at AFIT and MIT, and even earned a handful of mentions on Wired magazine's Danger Room blog and the National Defense Industrial Association's National Defense magazine.
At any given time, AFIT has 10 to 15 of these so-called cooperative research and development agreements under way, said Ries.
She transferred into the Reserve and continued teaching as an individual mobilization augmentee at AFIT.
As part of his work at AFIT, Brady is looking at the lessons learned through CPFR to see how they can be applied to a military organization.