AFIWCAir Force Information Warfare Center
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Several proposals have surfaced, ranging from establishing an IO wing subordinate to each extant numbered air force (NAF) to creating a global IO center subordinate to AF/XOI and comprised of the Air Intelligence Agency's IO center, AFIWC, the IW battlelab, and functional experts from ACC, Air Mobility Command, Air Force Special Operations Command, and Air Force Space Command.
Located at Kelly AFB, the JIWC will capitalize on the expertise of the collocated IO units (JC2WC, Headquarters AIA, AFIWC, AFCERT, and IW battlelab).
The 609th Intelligence Squadron should be disbanded because of capabilities resident in AIA or resubordinated from ACC to AFIWC.
3]I Assistant Secretary of Defense for Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence AF Air Force AFB Air Force Base AFCERT Air Force Computer Emergency Response Team AFIWC Air Force Information Warfare Center AIA Air Intelligence Agency ASSIST Automated systems security incident support team AWPD Air War Plans Division [C.
The AFIWC then repeated its Red Team exercise in April 1995.
To help administrators determine whether an attack is taking place, the AFIWC has developed the Automated Security Incident Measurement (ASIM) system.
While the AFIWC continues its work, the Navy's Fleet Information Warfare Center (Norfolk, VA) and the Army's Land Information Warfare Activity (Ft.
The AFIWC Operations Support Directorate maintains the ability to quickly deploy Information Warfare Support Teams to support combat operations.
In what has been called the "foundation" of the center, the AFIWC [C.
These models, which include campaign analysis and wargame models, are also used in support of AFIWC operational and exercise requirements.
The AFIWC works closely with the Joint Electronic Warfare Center, and AFIWC customers vary widely, from individual units needing special assistance to national-level authorities and some allies.
The AFIWC is a center of excellence providing broad support in a complex and challenging arena.