AFIWCAir Force Information Warfare Center
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The squadron pioneered defensive counterintelligence operations from 1995 through 1999 and then transferred its mission to the Air Force computer emergency response team, a subdivision of the AFIWC. (9) During this time, a number of events--exercise Eligible Receiver and operations Solar Sunrise and Moonlight Maze--led to an increased interest in information operations at the Department of Defense (DOD) level.
Several proposals have surfaced, ranging from establishing an IO wing subordinate to each extant numbered air force (NAF) to creating a global IO center subordinate to AF/XOI and comprised of the Air Intelligence Agency's IO center, AFIWC, the IW battlelab, and functional experts from ACC, Air Mobility Command, Air Force Special Operations Command, and Air Force Space Command.
Located at Kelly AFB, the JIWC will capitalize on the expertise of the collocated IO units (JC2WC, Headquarters AIA, AFIWC, AFCERT, and IW battlelab).
The 609th Intelligence Squadron should be disbanded because of capabilities resident in AIA or resubordinated from ACC to AFIWC. This will eliminate redundancy and detrimental competition with other Air Force IO elements.
While some personnel in the major commands may be skeptical about the operational value of an entity that calls itself a battlelab, the IWBL has already performed one demonstration of its capabilities for the AFIWC called SCI Reachback.
Colonel Morgan reports that the AFIWC has made progress in upgrading overall Air Force OPSEC.
Having received an inkling of the scope of their problems, the staffers at the AFIWC redoubled their efforts to publicize fixes to known systems vulnerabilities as well as the availability of resources to aid administrators in fending off attacks.
The AFIWC then repeated its Red Team exercise in April 1995.
Training administrators represents a significant amount of the AFIWC's work.
Approximately 900 officers, enlisted personnel and civilians make up the AFIWC. There is a blend of operators (EWOs and pilots), scientists, engineers and intelligence specialists that creates a unique capability to examine carefully and support the many complex aspects of IW and [C.sup.2] W.
The AFIWC Operations Support Directorate maintains the ability to quickly deploy Information Warfare Support Teams to support combat operations.
In what has been called the "foundation" of the center, the AFIWC [C.sup.2]W Database Directorate continually maintains select, critical databases to support combat operations, wargaming, testing and acquisition.