AFIXAdditional Flexible Interface Xtension (plug-on daughtercard; Radstone)
AFIXAssessment Feedback Incentives Exchange (National Immunization Program, CDC)
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The African IXP Association (AFIX) ( is a group of Internet exchange point operators from across Africa, brought together by a shared need to coordinate and exchange knowledge.
Mercedes-Benz, a subsidiary of Daimler AG (NYSE: DAI)(FWB: DAI), has decided to afix Quick Response stickers to its cars.
that our standard VFC AFIX [Assessment, Feedback, Incentive, eXchange] visit is not going to work for these nontraditional providers."
The AFIX program ( takes CoCASA a step further with strategies to raise immunization coverage and standards of practice for vaccine providers.
Liverpool legend Kenny Dalglish was Rovers' manager, United were despised at Anfield, and to certain people that added up to afix.
But the portrayal has not been to everybody's liking, and Yameogo, who produces out of Paris from his own company Afix Production, says the film was almost never made because of political interference.
Incorporating AI into current Clinic Assessment Software Application (CASA), Assessment Feedback, Incentives, and Information Exchange (AFIX), and reminder/recall activities will also contribute to effectively and efficiently integrating this initiative into current practice.
First afix the laser to one end of a metal plate or channel long enough to accommodate all the other components -- I simply glued it in place with RTV cement.
Finally, afix a shipping label to the outside, and cover the label completely with clear plastic tape to keep moisture out and to prevent detachment.
Moreover, the markup selection for the termination of an element type nwhere necessary) is short-circuited by the convention of using a standard afix for the markup that was just selected to initiate the element.
AFIX Assessment Tips, Feedback Tips, Incentive Tips, Exchange of Information Tips