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AFJArmed Forces Journal
AFJAlliance for Justice
AFJApril Fool's Joke
AFJAssociation des Femmes Journalistes (France)
AFJAmerican Farriers Journal
AFJAction For Justice
AFJAssociation des Femmes Juristes (French: Association of Women Jurists; various locations)
AFJAll for Jesus
AFJAmitiés Franco-Japonaises (French: Franco-Japanese Friendship)
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Awards: EHG Cocktail Competition 2012 - Winner (Mocktail category); EHG Cocktail Competition 2011 - Winner (Cocktail category); National Cocktail Competition 2011 - Second runner-up (Cocktail category); National Cocktail Competition 2010 - Second runner-up (Mocktail category); National Cocktail Competition 2009 - First runner-up (Cocktail and Peranakan category); AFJ Cocktail Challenge 2011 - Second runner-up (Mocktail category); Food&HotelAsia2010 ASEAN Hotel and Restaurant Association (AHRA) Cocktail Competition - Winner (Cocktail category)
The AFJ provides an umbrella for the Arab efforts to promote the press freedoms in consistency with the aspirations of the Arab peoples, and the principles of democracy, pluralism and human rights," he said.
To learn more about Verdisys' lateral drilling and AFJ technology please view a helpful presentation at their website: http://www.
LA Weekly's Jonathan Gold, who won first-place in this year's AltWeekly Awards Food Writing category (Walsh placed second), also won first-place for Restaurant Criticism in the AFJ contest, in the 150,001-300,000 circulation category.
Verdisys will retain a domestic sub-license for the Landers technology, which will allow them to apply the underlying principles in their AFJ process and to benefit from any future enhancements or improvements made to the Landers technology.
In related news, Alberta Energy Partners and Blast have agreed to waive the revenue sharing provisions of the Technology Purchase Agreement and Alberta has assigned the full 50% ownership in the AFJ technology to Blast effective immediately in consideration for certain minor contract amendments.
Following the favorable completion of this shake down phase, the rig is scheduled to be deployed to a job in Louisiana to begin testing AFJ applications in a down-hole environment.
The AFJ rig technology is built upon a conventional coiled tubing unit and has a surface working pressure of 20,000 pounds per square inch.
Working for the DOE would not only generate AFJ revenues, but it would be a excellent opportunity to further evaluate our cutting and well stimulation capabilities in an scientific environment designed to test and promote new oilfield technologies," added Mr.
While on its initial well location in Louisiana, the Blast Rig #1 successfully demonstrated the ability to cut through the steel well casing using AFJ from within the well-bore -- a unique attribute in the energy business.
We were able to visually validate the technical success of the AFJ technology and verify that the surface program was exactly synchronized with the actual down-hole nozzle position deep in the wellbore.