AFJPAdministradora de Fondos de Jubilaciones y Pensiones (Argentina)
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Estudian quitar los cargos fijos para bajar los costos de las AFJP.
AFJP and SanCor, the largest dairy cooperative in Argentina, (2) Administracion de Carteras S.
For example, an independent worker who bills US$750 a month will have US$240 of that retained, because they are obligated to contribute 5% of their income toward health insurance for retirees, 16% in taxes, and 11% to their AFJP.
However, the fiscal year ended June 1999 includes significant extraordinary income from the sale of the bank's investment in Consolidar AFJP to Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria S.
Principal Retiro will serve the needs of Argentine pension participants, who use annuities as their primary investment vehicle upon retirement from the state-mandated retirement plan, AFJP.
In the past year, MetLife has expanded operations in Argentina with the launching of a private pension company, known as an AFJP, in Brazil with the acquisition of Seguradora America Do Sul S.
fund Claridad AFJP whereby they will acquire 100% of Claridad's
The company will be called MET AFJP and will manage and administer pension assets for individuals in Argentina under a privatized pension system started in 1994.
the region, Grupo Santander owns the following pension funds: AFJP Origenes in Argentina with a market share of 18% and 1,094,840
In 1998, PORTIA(R) - TIS' flagship portfolio management solution - made significant in-roads to the Latin American marketplace by signing numerous mid- to large-sized clients such as Argentina-based AFJP Previnter, Venezuelan-based Corporacion Andina de Fomento (CAF), and Aetna International with offices throughout Latin America.
The increase in Net income from Services versus the quarter ended December 31, 1997 was mainly related to fees from Consolidar AFJP.
TiS has already overcome the 'un-formatted annex problem' for AFP (Chile, Colombia and Peru), AFJP (Argentina) and Afores (Mexico).