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AFLACAmerican Family Life Assurance Company
AFLACAmerican Family Life Assurance Company of Columbus
AFLACAssociation for Lighting a Candle (Sri Lanka)
AFLACApologies For Lack of Audi Content (Audi listservs)
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th] anniversary celebration, Aflac is also commemorating 40 years of serving policyholders in Japan as well as its 20-year relationship with the Aflac Cancer Center in Atlanta.
With his direction, a new branding initiative to increase consumers' understanding of Aflac products was successfully launched in 2005.
ABOUT AFLAC When a policyholder gets sick or hurt, Aflac pays cash benefits fast.
The duck, wearing eyelashes and walking like a model, begins speaking with Trump's voice, saying "If you're hurt and can't work, Aflac can help you pay your bills with cash.
AFLAC NY's rating is based on an explicit capital support agreement from AFLAC, as well as its strategic importance within AFLAC Inc.
At 4 years old, the Aflac Duck is the youngest contender nominated for the award.
To overcome the difficult Japan investment environment, AFLAC Japan invests in private-issue fixed-income securities, which are attractive because they offer higher yields, are issued by non-Japanese corporations, and have longer maturities that better match product liabilities.
For 60 years Aflac has promised our customers that we will be there when they need us most and now we can be there not just when the unexpected happens, but every day," said Teresa White, president of Aflac U.
Aflac this fall rolled out another television commercial featuring the duck, which has gained popularity nationwide.
Vault's employee surveys are designed to give investors and jobseekers insight into AFLAC - and for job seekers, the edge in this tough recruiting climate.
But people ask us about the Aflac duck constantly, and when they do, that wall falls down," Amos said.