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AFLCAssociation of Free Lutheran Congregations
AFLCAir Force Logistics Command
AFLCAcute Food and Livelihood Crisis
AFLCAudio Frequency Load Control (signal processing)
AFLCAbolition of Forced Labour Convention (various nations; est. 1957)
AFLCAssociation of Free Lutheran Churches
AFLCAir Force Logistics Center
AFLCAlabama Family Law Center
AFLCApopka Family Learning Center
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AFLC Transition to Aircraft Availability (circa 1988) VSL AAM Aircraft Cost (in Cost (in type millions) Availability millions) Availability A-10 $136.
56) Informe de la UGT sobre la visita de una delegacion a la RFA, agosto 1973, AFLC, 441-13.
In 1992, AFLC and AFSC were merged into Air Force Materiel Command.
The three panel chairmen ran an unending briefing gauntlet and secured the support of the commanders of TAC, AFSC and AFLC.
He commanded the Avionics Maintenance Squadron at Kunsan AB, Korea, and the Field Maintenance Squadron at Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio; was an F-4 Avionics Staff Officer at HQ TAC; a depot inspector on the AFLC IG team; and a division chief at Hq AFOTEC.
Meagan and Lara Colvin will be presented with the Maan Family AFLC Humanitarian Service Scholarship at the beginning of Adoptive Families of Lane County's adoption conference.
He has also held positions as a Logistics Analyst for DSAMS Training and Field Support; Chief, Arabian Programs Branch, Air Force Security Assistance Center (AFSAC); Chief, Cost Sharing Branch, Assistant Chief of Staff (J-4), Yongsan, Korea; AFLC Security Assistance Program Liaison Officer to PACOM; and Security Assistance Program Manager, International Logistics Center (ILC).
In the first quarter of CY 1991, Air Force Secretary Donald Rice responded to Defense Secretary Dick Cheney's Defense Management Review by announcing that the AFSC and AFLC would merge to form the Air Force Materiel Command.
AFLC is a nonprofit, volunteer organization offering education on adoption issues and support to adoptive families.
He joined the AFLC security assistance policy office as a program analyst in 1977.
The GAO investigation, conducted at the request of Michigan Democratic Congressman John Conyers, chairman of the Legislation and National Security Subcommittee, included visits to AFLC and ASD at Wright-Patterson AFB, OH, and air logistics centers at Warner Robins, Kelly Air Force Base and some ten tactical fighter wings in the US, Europe and the Far East.