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AFLDAgence Francaise de Lutte contre le Dopage (National Anti-Doping Agency, France)
AFLDAustralian Freight & Logistics Directory
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The majority decision came despite serious charges regarding the accuracy and reliability of the test results and the competency of the testing procedures of the laboratory run by the AFLD.
All samples collected during the tournament will be analysed by WADA-accredited laboratories, including the AFLD laboratory located in Chatenay-Malabry, Paris," said Ricketts.
All of the medicines administered are authorised by the AFLD.
The AFLD has issued a 10-page document detailing how they feel Albert Contador, the Tour winner, and his team-mates - who at the time included Lance Armstrong - were treated favourably by the International Cyclist Union (UCI) testers.
The row stems from an unscheduled visit from an AFLD tester to the 37-yearold's residence during a training stint in France.
France's anti-doping agency, the AFLD, says it is going to target suspicious riders, rather than focus on random tests used in previous years, and will test for an unspecified new drug.
The agency, known as AFLD, said in a statement that the doctor leading the tests maintains Armstrong "did not respect the obligation to remain under the direct and permanent observation'' of the tester.
The AFLD yesterday postponed a decision on whether the American will be allowed to compete again in France.