AFLEAdolescent Family Life Education
AFLEAir Force liaison element (US DoD)
AFLEAspen Foundation for Labour Education (Leduc, Alberta, Canada)
AFLEAmniotic Fluid Lipid Extract
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Tenders are invited for Providing additional thickness (plates) to the existing crane girders of HAL stores and AFLE stores in HAL factory Ozar,Nashik Installation of Aluminum sliding window at IR Section (Admin Block) in HAL factory,Ozar.
See Saks, 2006; Craig & Silverstone, 2009; Wildermuth & Pauken, 2008; Afles et al (2010); Pech & Slade, 2006; McBain, 2007; MacLeod & Clarke, 2009; Luthans & Peterson, 2002; Devi, 2009).
Other authors such as Pech and Slade (2006) as well as Afles et al (2010) support the notion of meaningfulness by identifying that meaningfulness has the greatest correlation with high levels of employee engagement.