AFLFAustralian Flexible Learning Framework
AFLFAPEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) Future Leaders Forum
AFLFAcademic Freedom Lecture Fund (est. 1990)
AFLFAmerican Financial Literacy Foundation
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These are (i) A237, bred from 'Pride of the North' x Reid Yellow Dent; (ii) AFLF, originated from a cross of 'Argentinean Flint' x 'Ladyfinger' popcorn; (iii) BLACKSDCO came from a cross of Reid Yellow Dent x Iodent; (iv) BSSS (Iowa Stiff Stalk Synthetic) has a complex pedigree background constituted of (pedigree contributions in parentheses), Reid Yellow Dent (43.
Some founders (A237, AFLF, Krug, and Golden Glow) could be traced back further, and thus, the number of named founders is actually 61.
Founder (state) Founder and country germplasm Description or country A237 Minnesota 13 x Reid Yellow Dent Minnesota, USA population ABCOMP Pioneer Composite A x Pioneer Iowa, USA Composite B AFLF Argentinean Flint x Ladyfinger Popcorn Argentina/USA ALBRTFLINT Alberta Flint population Alberta, Canada ARGMAIZARM Argentinean Maiz Amargo population, Argentina via USDA BH940 Public inbred 940 Illinois, USA BLACKSDCO Cross of two Reid Yellow Dent strains USA (one was Iodent) (Gerdes et al.