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AFLPAmplified Fragment Length Polymorphism
AFLPAdolescent Family Life Program (California Department of Public Health)
AFLPAcute Fatty Liver of Pregnancy
AFLPAllen Family Limited Partnership (dairy industry)
AFLPAlberta Farm Loan Program (Alberta Department of Agriculture and Rural Development; Canada)
AFLPAir Force Lead Program (USAF)
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Grossman said, “Melody is a natural choice to help direct AFLP in reaching its goals and building consensus among family law professionals across Lee County.
Suitability of AFLP and microsatellite markers for discriminating intraclonal variants of the potato cultivar Russet Norkotah.
A mismatch between mtDNA and AFLP markers in one individual (a chick) resulted in follow up work in which the hybrid individual was re-extracted and re-sequenced for ND2, and all AFLP primer pairs were rerun to verify that the original data were correct.
Comparison of genetic variati on among accessions of Aegilops tauschii using AFLP and SSR markers.
Comparative study of the discriminating capacity of AFLP and ISTR markers for genetic analysis of Agave fourcroydes.
The presence/absence of AFLP bands was determined by visual inspection and scored as 1/0.
Accordingly, a technique called AFLP (amplified fragment length polymorphisms) (Vos et al.
PCR based AFLP typing is also cost-effective as it needs only fluorescent primers and adapters when compared to enormous chemical requirements of RNA sequence typing.