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On this indicator, the AFLPA is particularly supportive of the AFL addressing the revenue imbalances between clubs (Baldwin 2013a; Baldwin, 2013b; Pierik, 2013a).
The AFL and the AFLPA have used collective bargaining agreements (CBAs) from 1993 onwards following a threat by the AFLPA to seek an award in the then Australian Industrial Relations Commission.
Ian Prendergast, the general manager of the AFLPA player relations, admits the unavailability of some of Australia's top players has undermined the hybrid concept in recent series.
The AFLPA confirmed it had received queries from "a small number" of nonindigenous players concerned about "reverse discrimination", but expressions of support from many others.
The membership of the AFLPA has increased in the last two years, by approximately 100, following the entry of two new clubs, the Gold Coast Suns and the Greater Western Sydney Giants, increasing the size of the league from 16 to 18 teams.
The NFLPA absorbed the AFLPA in 1970, and the National Labor Relations Board certified the NFLPA as the bargaining representative for players.
But as it turns out, every tax-deductible cent donated to the AFLPA goes not to New York City firefighters or Cantor Fitzgerald widows, but rather to spay/neuter programs for Missouri's dogs and cats.
Under the new 2012-2016 CBA, negotiated between the AFL and the AFLPA, each club must now pay a minimum 95 per cent of the combined total player payment/additional service agreements limits.
The AFLPA hit back at Demetriou, claiming his comments to players during club visits in recent months, questioning whether AFLPA chief executive Matt Finnis had a grasp of the figures involved in negotiations, only hampered the process.
Nixon denied manipulating the troubled 17-year-old into retracting her statement and is adamant he will sue the AFLPA.
While the AFLPA accreditation committee will examine Nixon's case it is considered extremely unlikely that any sanction will be imposed.
Brendon Gale, AFLPA CEO, added: "AFL players strongly support the continuation of the International Rules series.