AFLTAdvanced Forward Link Trilateration
AFLTA Face Like Thunder (band)
AFLTAggie Figures Learning Test
AFLTAdvanced Forward Link Transmission
AFLTAssociation Française de Lutte contre les Thalassémies et les Hémoglobinémopathies
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Underpinning all of NorBelle's offerings is its patented Cearch(TM) technology that enables significantly enhanced accuracy on multiple location methodologies (GPS, and land-based trilateration including AFLT, TDOA, etc.
It also assesses technologies such as A-GPS, EOTD, U-TDOA, AFLT, Cell ID and discusses dueling architectures such as control and user plane.
AFLT does trade at a discount to emerging market peers and our DCF-model points to some upside potential.