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AFMAAustralian Financial Markets Association
AFMAAustralian Fisheries Management Authority
AFMAAmerican Furniture Manufacturers Association
AFMAAmerican Fiber Manufacturers Association
AFMAAmerican Film Marketing Association (now known simply as AFMA)
AFMAAmericans for Medical Advancement
AFMAAir Force Manpower Agency (US Air Force; Randolph AFB, TX, USA)
AFMAAgricultural and Fisheries Modernization Act (Philippines)
AFMAAnimal Feed Manufacturers Association
AFMAAustralasian Fleet Managers Association (Australia)
AFMAAustralian False Memory Association
AFMAArizona Floodplain Management Association
AFMAAutomated Fabrication of Mobility Aids
AFMAAlberta Farmers' Market Association
AFMAAssociation of Food Marketing Agencies
AFMAAmerican Feed Manufacturers Association
AFMAArizona Food Marketing Alliance
AFMAAmerican Federation of Martial Arts
AFMAAlliance for Missions Advancement
AFMAAngel Flight Mid-Atlantic
AFMAASEAN Federation of Mining Association
AFMAAfrican Farm Management Association
AFMAAfloat Fleet Maintenance Activity (US Navy)
AFMAAir Force Musicians Association (Colorado Springs, CO)
AFMAApostolic Faith Mission Africa
AFMAAortic Forward Flow Mapping Area
AFMAAssociate Fellow of the Marketing Association of Australia and New Zealand (professional post-nominal)
AFMAAssociation for Forensic Multimedia Analysis
AFMAAmerican Fur Merchants Association (New York, NY)
AFMAAmerican Folk Musicians Association
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The Suppliers Division has been a vital part of the AFMA since joining the group in 1987 and has played an equally important role in the home furnishings industry.
All participating golfers represented AFMA supplier or manufacturer member companies.
The AFMA survey found that 67 percent of the newly married make their furniture decisions together.
During the last AFMA film market in Santa Monica when MIFED's manager, Elena Lloyd, paid a private visit to AFMA's management, she mentioned that MIFED was slightly increasing its costs.
Ergonomics will continue to be a focus for the AFMA and more other responsible industries.
According to the AFMA survey, of those with home offices, nearly 40 percent use their office primarily for entertainment, to surf the Internet, send e-mail or shop; 30 percent use it for work; and 22 percent use it to organize their home and pay bills.
This fall AFMA will launch its "Venus and Mars" media campaign, which taps into wife-and-husband shopping experiences in furniture.
I would like to restore in AFMA the spirit of independence for which we, at Troma, have an almost religious reverence," said Kaufman.
There are reports that Cannes Film Festival's officials are in discussion with both the AFMA and MIDEM, which organizes both MIPTV and MIPCOM in Cannes, on the possibility of moving their event to the fall.
AFMA also reported it has formed a decorative accessories division following recommendation by a task force.
The AFM membership sounds generally pleased with the way the Association has developed, and the services it offers, though some wonder whether current tough times warrant the AFMA budget.
AFMA, with its 180 member companies, represents the independent- film industry much in the same way the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) relates to the major studios.