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Nevertheless, some cases showed that durations of over 10 (Egger et al., 2014; Mueller et al., 2013; Marriott et al., 2015) to over 50 minutes (Wu et al., 2010; Afman et al., 2014) could be affected by acute NaHC[O.sub.3] supplementation.
See generally Afman and Muller supra note 24 (indicating research limitations on nutrigenomics).
(22.) USAF Manual (AFMAN) 36-2647, Institutional Competency Development and Management (Washington, DC: USAF), 2016, /afman36-2647.pdf.
(15.) AFMAN 1-1, Basic Aerospace Doctrine of the United States Air Force, September 1971, 2-2.
Shippers that ship hazardous materials through the DTS must also be trained on duties related to military air transportation (AFMAN 24-204 2004).
The Air Force withdrew AFR 400-28 in 1994, replacing it and other guidance with Air Force Manual (AFMAN) 64-108, Service Contracts, a 63-page document which still included fairly detailed guidance for the preparation of performance work statements and quality assurance surveillance plans.
Split MOPP--defined in Air Force Manual (AFMAN) 10-2602 as "a tactic that divides an airbase or operating location into two or more sectors or zones to enable a commander to tailor mission oriented protective posture (MOPP) levels and alarm conditions within each sector to reflect the current hazard and mission priorities within that area"--is part of Air Force fixed-base C-CW CONOPS.
Chad Afman said at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery Foundation.
LOS ANGELES -- In a recent meta-analysis, steroid use was shown to be associated with reduced postoperative tonsillectomy pain, Chad Afman, M.D., said at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Otolaryngology--Head and Neck Surgery Foundation.