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AFMCAir Force Materiel Command
AFMCArkansas Foundation for Medical Care
AFMCAir Force Sustainment Center (US DoD)
AFMCAustralasian Fluid Mechanics Conference (Australia)
AFMCArmed Forces Medical College (Pune, India)
AFMCAssociation of Fundamental Ministers & Churches, Inc (Kansas City, MO)
AFMCArmed Forces of America Motorcycle Club
AFMCAuxiliary Fuel Management Computer
AFMCAshland Free Medical Clinic (San Lorenzo, CA)
AFMCAssociation des Faculté de Médecine du Canada (Association of Canadian Medical Colleges)
AFMCArmed Forces Motorcycle Club
AFMCAvionics Flight Management Computer
AFMCAdvanced Flight Management Computer (avionics)
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Improving the lives of all Arkansans through improving their health will always be a personal and professional commitment for AFMC.
At AFMC, knowledge of these requirements led us to develop the Compliance Learning Training Model (CLTM) shown below.
D-Mak Productions and the AFMC recently collaborated to release the public outreach commercial in efforts to pass a film and media initiative program in AZ that will rekindle the flame for the film and media industry in the state.
6426(h), no unit of fuel may receive both the AFMC and the CBPC.
General Hoffman and other AFMC senior leaders established the five priorities to tackle the Air Force's challenges of conducting daily wartime missions and standing ready for global contingencies.
What do you consider the most urgent requirements for the Air Force and AFMC, and how is the command meeting those requirements?
It was also great to witness the tremendous work being done by so many IMAs helping AFMC support its crisis and contingency operations.
As the 21st century began, AFMC and other quality improvement organizations entered a period of increased expectations, stagnant funding and heightened scrutiny.
Per an agreement with the commanders of AFMC and AETC, these two organizations, while still part of and responsive to their parent commands, also serve as directorates within SAF/IA.
AFMC developed a roadmap for commodity councils including organizational design, resource requirements, position descriptions, training requirements, and a spiral implementation plan.
MTC's role in helping AFMC develop an integrated approach to meet DoD's transformation expectations will be to assist in formulating a strategy to achieve the Commander's intent of inculcating an Air and Space Expeditionary Forces (AEF) mindset and culture that will rapidly deliver war-winning capability.