AFMGAmerican Federal Mining Group, Inc. (Chicago, IL)
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Legenda: D-Direcao; R-Roteiro; A-Atuacao; P-Producao, ou Producao Executiva, ou Direcao de Producao; F-Fotografia; E-Edicao; S-Edicao de som ou som direto; M-Musica original/AFMG-A fuga da mulher gorila D R A P F E S M AFMG - Eduardo B.
He further states that the "net result of this simplification would seem to be a reduction in acquisition oversight that might otherwise be required to manage the integration of multiple entities." (6) The chief of the contract policy division at AFMG headquarters views TSPR as an acquisition strategy to have a single contractor manage the integration of all sub elements of a system to ensure that the entire system meets performance requirements" and "how the contractor meets the broad performance requirement is at their general discretion." (7)