AFMLSAsset Forfeiture and Money Laundering Section (US Department of Justice)
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AFMLS also provided advice on the Philippines' draft legislation governing management of seized assets stemming from narcotics and money laundering offenses.
In August 2015, AFMLS provided lectures on using AML and asset forfeiture provisions in all types of corruption cases at a training organized by APEC.
AFMLS and OPDAT designed a five-course curriculum on Financial Investigations and Asset Recovery focusing on Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, and Yemen, which began in 2013 as part of the White House's Deauville Partnership Initiative.
In this undertaking, OPDAT, AFMLS, and NSD work as integral parts of the U.
The AES will then draft a memorandum to the AFMLS which, if there is an applicable treaty or agreement, will forward its request to the Office of International Affairs for transmission to the foreign country.
In 2012, OPDAT and AFMLS provided assistance in drafting AML statutes compliant with international standards and provided training to foreign judges, prosecutors, and law enforcement officials; legislators; customs, supervisory, and financial intelligence unit personnel; and private sector participants.
AFMLS experts participated in a variety of conferences and seminars around the world including in Brazil, China, Malaysia, Taiwan, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Vietnam.
Much of the assistance provided by OPDAT and AFMLS is provided with funding from the U.
In 2011, OPDAT, AFMLS, and CTS met with more than 195 international visitors from more than 17 countries and provided presentations on anti-money laundering (AML) and/or counterterrorist finance (CFT) topics.
For all programs, OPDAT draws upon expertise from DOJ's Criminal Division, NSD, AFMLS, and other DOJ components as needed.
In 2009, OPDAT, AFMLS, and CTS met with and provided presentations to more than 110 international visitors from more than 20 countries on AML and/or CFT topics.
OPDAT works closely with AFMLS, the lead Justice section that provides countries with technical assistance in the drafting of money laundering and asset forfeiture statutes compliant with international standards.