AFMPArla Foods Milk Partnership (UK)
AFMPAlgemene Federatie Militair Personeel (Dutch: General Federation of Military Personnel)
AFMPAuxiliary Fuel Management Panel (UH-60L Black Hawk)
AFMPAnnual Financial Management Plan (fiscal year spending plan)
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All of us must coordinate to create a profound AFMP.
Also, the application of the AFMP resulted in 2002 in the abolition of the seasonal-worker category, which allowed for no more than nine consecutive months' stay.
Playing AFMP, at least, feels more socially conscious than blowing away nameless mercenaries in Halo 2.
There are so far no strong effects of the introduction of the AFMP on unemployment and salaries.
Over the years, we ve enjoyed a good partnership with AFMP, and in the past five-six years, AFMP has not only expressed its wish for co-ownership, but has also demonstrated a clear will to be owners with all that this entails.
For the first time farmers, through the AFMP, will have a proper insight into Arla UK's business, with a say in the long-term direction of the company.
At a heated producer meeting in Ashbourne, AFMP members unanimously passed a motion of no confidence in the chairman and vice chairman.
Dedicated AFMP members supplying ASDA will continue to receive 1ppl supplement over Arla's standard litre.
35ppl cut to AFMP members, announced on September 9 and effective from last Saturday, drew an angry reaction from Ovens and the rest of the AFMP board.
Peter Walker, Arla Foods group director of milk procurement, said: "We have made good progress in our milk pricing negotiations and have agreed that the AFMP standard litre price will increase to 25ppl from October 1, 2007.
The development means that from September, AFMP will supply 75% of Arla's milk requirements, or 1.