AFMPCAir Force Military Personnel Center
AFMPCArmed Forces Medical Policy Council
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In spite of the cool reception by other groups within the DOD, on 13 January 1953 the AFMPC's memo to the secretary of defense "strongly recommended that a policy be established for the use of human volunteers (military and civilian employees) in experimental research at Armed Forces facilities," and that such use "shall be subject to the principles and conditions laid down as a result of the Nuremberg Trials."[24]
In the hustle and bustle of a new administration it is unlikely that defense secretary Wilson had very much time to consider the implications of the new policy on the use of human subjects, but probably took it on faith that the AFMPC and the previous administration had done its homework.
The "controversy" about the use of human subjects and about the draft proposal that came out of the AFMPC thus largely missed the point.