AFMRAmerican Federation for Medical Research (formerly AFCR: American Federation for Clinical Research)
AFMRAustralian Financial Markets Report (Australian Financial Markets Association)
AFMRAnti Ferro Magnetic Resonance
AFMRAsian Federation for the Mentally Retarded (est. 1973)
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Almost all of the 43 deaths (91%) recorded in the AFMR were men over the age of 60.
There are 7 records in the AFMR reporting mucormycosis/zygomycosis as the underlying cause of death.
The most recently recorded pneumocystosis death in the AFMR was in 2012.
Among the fungal causes of death in the AFMR, sporotrichosis was the least common.
AFMR fosters research in the medical sciences, provides leadership in articulating, and publicizing the aims and goals of scientific research, disseminates the knowledge medical research generates, and identifies and supports efforts to achieve these objectives.