AFMSSAir Force Mission Support System
AFMSSAutomated Fluid Mineral Support System (energy project)
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The key benefit to pilots, in pilot Snelgrove's view, is the ability to copy mission-planning data created in AFMSS to a hard-disk cartridge and then slip that data cartridge into the computer drive of his aircraft.
One major subset of AFMSS is the Portable Flight Planning Software (PFPS) suite, the components of which are developed by the 46th Test Squadron using time and material service contracts with TYBRIN Corp.
Since contract award in 1992, Lockheed Martin Sanders and then BAE SYSTEMS has fielded over a thousand AFMSS units in nine different configurations.
The Block I Upgrade also provides for the integration of an AFMSS workstation in the GCS that will pass threat and mission-planning information directly to the Predator system.
The AFMSS represents a generational improvement over the Mission Support System (MSS) IIA, kits for which are now being delivered by Sanders (see "Planning and Rehearsing the Future" by Stephen M.
The first version of the AFMSS, labeled Block B, will accommodate B52, F-15E, C-130 and MH-53 aircraft.
Block A of the AFMSS program covered the upgrade kits which raised MSS II hardware to the MSS IIA configuration.
The first version of AFMSS, labeled Block B, will accommodate B-52, F-15E, C-130 and MH-53 platforms.
(US Air Force Special Operations planning will be handled by the AFMSS under Phase I.) The models will be delivered to Ft.
The trends implied in such programs as the AFMSS and SOFPARS should continue for some time.