AFMSSAir Force Mission Support System
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Air Force selected IEWS to develop and produce AFMSS -- the next-generation automated mission planning system.
An Air Force computer-based mission planning system, AFMSS provides advanced automation tools to assist aircrews in pre-mission planning and post-mission debriefing.
Additional copies of the software were provided to nearly 30 third-party developers of Aircraft/Weapons/Electronics (AWE) modules for the AFMSS system.
2 systems to operational units in early 1999 to replace AFMSS Version 2.
Logicon personnel will design, develop and test the B-1B A/W/E software and will integrate it with the AFMSS hardware and software.
AFMSS provides automated mission planning support for more than 25 different USAF aircraft platforms.
The AFMSS core system architecture developed by Sanders supports more than 40 A/W/E modules produced by 24 different developers.
Sanders was selected in December of 1992 to develop and produce AFMSS, an automated mission planning system for deployment by U.
The software will be interoperable with AFMSS software developed for unit-level aircrew applications.