AFNAFAir Force Non-Appropriated Funds (USAF)
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Currently, PS&L is the only authorized provider of security video equipment to the military on a non-appropriated funds basis, under PS&L's AFNAF contract with the military.
With approval of an AFNAF contract, it will allow PS&L to pursue all Morale Welfare and Recreation facilities about adding surveillance/CCTV to their current structure.
PS&L holds an exclusive AFNAF contract, which enables the company to bypass the competitive bidding process in marketing to the U.
Under its exclusive AFNAF contract, NiteLife Entertainment provides a wide variety of entertainment programs and services to military base clubs by installing audio and video equipment including custom-built disc jockey booths, top-of-the-line mixing consoles and several television monitors for music videos and DVD.
Our growth program carries significantly less risk for investors due to NiteLife's consistent and secure revenue base and the strategic advantage enabled by our exclusive AFNAF contract.