AFNETAir Force Network
AFnetAfrica Network Evangelism Task (Pretoria, South Africa)
AFNETAir Force Integrated Telecommunications Network
AFNETAir Force Integrated Digital Telecommunications Network
AFNETAfrican Network for Biological Management of Soil Fertility
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The latest value-added services using the state-of-art mobile communication technology, to be integrated with the AFNET as the backbone connectivity, will be a secure communication network enabling voice, data, video streaming and file sharing, enhancing real-time operational efficiency.
This will help connectivity of each individual with the system and enable cross connectivity with other communication platforms like IP-based communication within AFNET.
In response to AFNET lobbying, groups of Diet members visited and investigated the Ushiku detention center, as well as criticized the immigration authority in the Diet.
On the other hand, AFNET and other supporters faced a new challenge.
At the same time AFNET, despite concerns about the possible negative effects of the media presence, (35) on the whole encouraged former detainees to express themselves through television, newspapers, and magazines.
A practice interception of simulated enemy targets by a pair of Mig-29 fighter aircraft airborne from an advanced airbase in the Punjab sector neutralizing intruding targets in the western sector was played out live on the giant screens at the Air Force auditorium offering a glimpse of the harnessed AFNET potential.
This was possible mainly with the robust networking platform provided by AFNET.
AFNET Project with an estimated expenditure of Rs 1,077 crore, comprises of Internet Protocol (IP) Multi Protocol Switching Protocol (MPLS) based Network with Optic Fibre Cables (OFC) as backbone.
Gunter Breithardt, AFNET speaker, Angelo Auricchio, and Panos Vardas, current and past EHRA president, said in a joint statement today, "Investigator-initiated clinical research with a relevant impact requires good ideas, perseverance, a network of colleagues, but also financial resources.
Tenders are invited for Provision of Independent three phase power supply AFNET equipment room and energy efficient street lights, addition/ alteration to water supply distribution lines at 15 FBSU Air Force Stn, Prothrapur.
cyberspace operational risk assessment (found within the second variant operated by the 68 NWS): assesses data compromised through intrusions of AFNets with the objective of determining the associated effect on operations resulting from that data loss.
The AFINC weapon system replaces and consolidates regionally managed, disparate AFNets into a centrally managed point of access for traffic through the Air Force Information Network.