AFNIAssociazione Fotografi Naturalisti Italiani (Italian: Association of Italian Nature Photographers)
AFNIAnderson Financial Network, Inc.
AFNIAnalysis of Functional Neuro-Images
AFNIAmerican Forces Network, Iraq (American Forces Radio and Television Service)
AFNIAdoptive Families of Northern Illinois (Rockford, IL)
AFNIAlaska Federation of Natives International
AFNIAlachua FreeNet, Inc.
AFNIAssociate Fellow of the Nautical Institute
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Using methods previously optimized for fMRI [41], the normalized power spectrum of fMRI signals was computed for each voxel using the AFNI program (3dPeriodogram).
To investigate significant differences of the regional VMHC between the HPs and the HCs, a two-sample t-test after correction with the 3dClustSim program (P <0.01, cluster sizes > 85 voxels) was performed by AFNI software ( ClustSim.html).
In March 2010, AFNI Director Philippe Pallier noted: "AFNI is responsible for bilateral relations between France and countries which are starting nuclear energy programmes.
Despiking was done with AFNI's "3dDespike" program for Figures 2 and 4(e), as the first step of the preprocessing pipeline.
(1), <[FDG.sub.HAEC]> was spatially smoothed to match the point-spread function of <a[CMR.sub.glc]-HYD> as computed by the 3dFWHMx program from the AFNI software package.
Some of the existing techniques for skull stripping such as AFNI, FSL, and SPM require some parameter adjustments to get better results for various brain image data sets.
Meanwhile, the 17 Gold Partners are AFNI Philippines, AXA Philippines, C3/ Customer Contact Channels, Cognizant Technology Solutions, Concentrix, Expert Global Solutions, Harte Hanks Philippines, Inc., LBC Express, Inc., NGA Human Resources, Omniglobe International Philippines, Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Co.
Its consultants - AFNI France Nuclear and Lightbridge of the US - delivered the findings of their study on the nuclear option and recommended site.
The preprocessing and data analysis were performed using analysis of functional neuroimages (AFNI) software (
Afni and Brent MacDonald, owners of BC MacDonald's Restaurant and Pub at 104 E.