AFNWCAir Force Nuclear Weapons Center (US Air Force)
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Shaun Morris, AFNWC commander and the Air Force program executive officer for strategic systems.
When asked to comment on the award Minda Moore stated, "Our technologies will assist AFGLSC and AFNWC to decrease data input time, increase data reliability, increase security, reduce transcription issues, improve reporting timeliness, and improve command and control throughout the Air Force's nuclear enterprise."
The Air Force is also consolidating all nuclear sustainment matters under an expanded AFNWC at Kirtland AFB.
The LRSO program office, located at Eglin Air Force Base, Florida, is part of the AFNWC Air Delivered Capabilities directorate.
The AFNWC is responsible for synchronizing all aspects of nuclear materiel management on behalf of Air Force Materiel Command in direct support of AFGSC.