AFOAAboriginal Financial Officers Association (Canada)
AFOAAlabama Forest Owners' Association, Inc. (Birmingham, AL)
AFOAAmerican Fats and Oils Association, Inc.
AFOAAustralian Financial Operations Association Limited
AFOAAhrens-Fox Owners Association
AFOAAlabama Friends of Adoption
AFOAArgentine Forest Association
AFOAArena Football Officials' Association
AFOAAward for Obscure Abbreviations
AFOAAsset Forfeiture Oversight Advisory
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AFOA is committed to that and is preparing and developing the tools and researching all aspects and hopes to become, eventually, the leading voice in terms of Aboriginal financial management issues," Ryan said.
He said the process AFOA uses to ensure that applicants meet the grade has been described as tough.
You present your portfolio to AFOA Canada, outlining all of your academic achievements, outlining your work experience.
AFOA provides courses that will get people up to standard but it also recognizes studies completed in other institutions.
The AFOA also asks that the professional designation of the CAFM be recognized as the preferred credential when First Nations are hiring personnel in financial management positions.
Finally, the AFOA requests that the chiefs lobby Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) to make funding available to First Nations to get adequate financial and management training to improve skills and build capacity within their communities.
With this in mind, the AFN and the Certified General Accountants of Canada (CGA) worked together, and what resulted from that work was the founding of the AFOA as a not-for-profit association to enhance Aboriginal financial policies and management skills.
The AFOA has worked to become the centre for excellence and innovation in Aboriginal finance and management.
for governance and for economic prosperity," said AFOA president and chief operating officer Ernie Daniels.
One program offered by the AFOA is the Aboriginal Financial Management program, which provides students with training designed to provide the skills they require for their specific position, and based on what their employer would like to see them learn.
The AFOA has an arrangement in place with CGA Canada that sees a CAFM designation treated as equivalent to completing up to the third level in the Certified General Accounting program.