AFOIAssisting Families of Inmates, Inc. (Richmond, VA; relationship advocacy group; founded 1978)
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Fourth, the readers were not provided with the time required for targeted sedation level, though it is a useful endpoint for comparing sedation regimens for AFOI.
Thereafter, vital signs were recorded every minute until the completion of the AFOI.
Other parameters assessed in relation to the AFOI procedure included: Airway patency on a 3-point scale (1 = patent airway, 2 = airway obstruction relieved by neck extension, 3 = airway obstruction requiring jaw retraction),[sup][4] additional dosage of midazolam, lidocaine dosage used, the first partial pressure of end-tidal CO[sub]2 (P[sub]ET CO[sub]2) after successful intubation (that is, the value of end-tidal CO[sub]2 triggered by the first respiratory cycle with establishment of respiratory circuit system), any hypoxic episode, any hypotensive or hypertensive episode and any arrhythmic episode.
The scores of ease of AFOI, patient's reaction to the AFOI procedure, coughing severity and patient's tolerance after intubation were comparable in both groups ( P > 0.
This study showed that both DM regimen and SM regimen were effective as an adjuvant for AFOI under airway topical anesthesia.
Optimal conditions for AFOI require sufficient comfort, adequate cooperation, stable hemodynamics and amnesia without respiratory depression.
Dexmedetomidine used for AFOI has become more popular because of its sedative, amnesic, analgesic, and anxiolytic effects without respiratory depression.
Recall not only affects patients on the assessment of satisfaction to the AFOI procedure but also would put them at a risk of the negative psychological state.
Respiratory depression is the adverse event most concerned by anesthetists when the sedative and analgesic agents are selected for AFOI.