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AFOL: Towards a new intelligent interactive programming language for children, Springer, Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies Volume 11, pp.
Hardly surprisingly he is considered one of Britain's best Afols - adult fan of lego - as his impressive creations are thought to be works of art.
Wd Si th " Simon is also in Brick to the Past, a team of Afols who build enormous historical themed designs.
Jd Unlike Simon, childhood fan Jessica went through what is known as a "dark age", the Afols' term for people who take extended time off from model making.
Combined, the data helped us describe and analyze the AFOL community, the ideas it is centered on, and the practices that ties members together; user innovations and the needs they serve; and how the LEGO Group collaborates with AFOLs on new product development projects.
With the introduction of this set, the LEGO Group discovered that there were many adult fans of LEGO (AFOLs) and that the innovations these users created were of great potential value to the firm.
Drawing on his wide network of AFOLs all over the world, community manager Jan Beyer made possible an evolving approach to the development process, in which different users at different times offered their contributions and improvements.
Where the Modular Building series was developed from a close collaboration between LEGO designers and AFOLs, in other instances the LEGO Group has chosen to hand the entire development process over to fans.
The various units of the AFOL advanced both northwards along the Ugandan border and westwards toward the head of the navigable part of the Zaire River.